sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

The Three Main Powers

There are three main powers that affect us in the World. We, the human beings are the guardians of these powers. We have an ability to hold them or destroy them as we wish. That is a huge responsibility. These powers are energy that we feed with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings consciously or unconsciously. Earth holds two of these powers: GNOMES and LIZARDS. We know them from the children's stories but instead of thinking them as they've been pictured in books, allow yourself to imagine them as energy. The first one is life-giving and the second one is life-taking. Third power is the power of LIGHT, usually seen as angels and light beings. Light is from the above.

At the moment Gnomes are trying to survive, they're trying very hard to save our planet for us and generations to come. But they're struggling! Lizards instead are having a feast with us. Light beings are waiting for us to wake up so that we're ready to invite them to do their job. It's not happening before our hearts are ready and open for them to deliver.

All these main energies feed from OUR energy! When I'm feeling angry, hateful, revengeful and selfish, I'm shovelling breakfast, lunch and dinner to an already well-fed jaws to an army of lizards. But when I feel good, happy, joyful and in love, I'm feeding very hungry gnomes. When my heart is open, and I'm accepting, respectful and ready to listen, there is a subtle change in energy that then happens inside of my being. All the channels from the center of the Earth opens and connects through me to the powers of Light. It is a marriage of Earth and Heavens and it happens in the heart of us.

This is an awakening, connection and deeper purpose that we're striving for. This is YIN - YANG and it happens in the heart of humanity. So, it's our responsibility to honour those hungry gnomes with love, happiness and gratefulness. They can see the true light only through us. Lizards won't survive in that light.

Who do you feed with your thoughts, words, actions and FEELINGS?

(Thank you Susan Hedman for an inspiration to this writing.)

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel.

torstai 10. elokuuta 2017

We ARE the information!

It's true that our cells renew themselves constantly. They feed from the information we send to them. Many spiritual teachers share the same teachings. They all tell us that eventually we become images of our thoughts, words, actions and the most powerfully of our feelings. If my most prominent thought is about love, kindness, light and peace I can soon see myself as loving, kind, enlightened and peaceful person. Others will see the same in me. And of course it works same the opposite. If I'm often mad, angry, jealous and hatred, that is how my face, my body and my actions will soon look like. And others will most likely avoid me, because I'm not fun to be around.

But what if we all ARE that information? If we look at the larger picture and imagine that each one of us is bringing something to this World and the base of all of us is LIGHT. But as it happens when we are born we forget this information we're bringing here and eventually we'll get lost. But the information never goes away, we carry it within. When we are lost, we need to find the connection again. This connection helps us to remember. And when we remember we feel relief. The connection is the gateway to remember and eventually deliver the information to it's destination. And that is our job.

The information within us will recreate this World every moment. The cells of the World are renewed as fast as the information travels through it. We, the people, are the guardians of the World. It's our job to keep it alive. What if we'd shine the light, that is our base, throughout the Worldly system so that the cells of the World will start looking like us? This is what is happening already we just don't pay attention to it. If you know your mission, the information YOU bring to the world, it makes you feel good, it helps others to feel good, and it helps our World to stay beautiful, then you are in connection to who you really are. You're doing your part in the whole.

It's part of the plan to forget everything on birth. In the end this World is our school, our University and education. We come here to be educated, to loose the connection and to find it again. Nobody sends us here but ourselves. We're here together. We're creating and renewing the World with every thought, word, action, but most of all with how we FEEL! Keep your responsibility in mind. Feel good! The World will follow! All humanity will follow!

Photo by Oliver Pacas.

tiistai 25. heinäkuuta 2017

The Mother Earth Is Our True Leader

We have only one master, one leader, and one power. It's called the Earth. And we're her servants. She provides us with our life and in return we take care of her giving her TIME to continue her mission. But we also have FREE WILL, which can easily sidetrack us from our responsibility. Lately, the past thousands of years, we have forgotten who we really are.

'The Indian knew how to live without wants, to suffer without complaint, and to die singing.' French diplomat, political scientist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville made his one-year journey through America when the country was still relatively new in 1831-1832. He talks about the Native Americans in a way that is far from the stories of those early Westerns we grew up watching. Native Americans knew how to live, how to USE their free will to serve the only master we have, the Earth.

George Orwell gave us a vision in 1949 what the world would be one day. He was little off with his prediction. The year 1984 was just a single note flying in the air alone before the concert really began. That year Apple came up with a powerful TV-commercial using Orwell's vision of the future when advertising Apple Macintosh Personal Computer in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile the computer came with 'a widget that happens to be a high-tech surveillance device,' as Chicago attorney William Coulson puts it.

Orwell was right, the year 1984 was not a mistake, it speeded up the motion of the world to be as we now live it. Every year we celebrate new devices and line up to get them first, we're happy to have more and better things than others have, we need to WANT more new things every day. And when we SUFFER we almost die, because we can't take the pressure. So we medicate ourselves to live another day hopefully without pain. Our concept of life is not deep enough for understanding suffering. We're like trees with our ROOTS cut off. We don't even remember that we used to have them. We have no concept of tribe. We're lost in the heaven of devices, games, and other people's stories, but we all have our own stories deep and powerful. Let's not forget them!

Telescreen, thoughtcrime, thinkpol. They can be our reality if we let it, it's already happening.

All we have to do is to breath deeply and remember that all this what we see and live now happens on the surface. Underlying truth is very simple but well hidden. The truth is to LOVE one another, to LOVE the Earth, to take care of yourself, others and our planet. Our roots are the truth, our connection to the tribe is our truth, we all come from that same place, and we all are ONE in truth. Remember who you are! Then when you die you can die SINGING!

Photo by Veeterzy

torstai 13. heinäkuuta 2017

The Activism of Water

The question with activism is how to be resistant without being resisting? As water flows freely I know I should have the same attitude toward my life. So, why I still have fear? Why I still blame others of the current situations? Should I look at myself and ask what did I do wrong?

Water is our teacher. Sometimes it's wild, it's breaking its way, it has extreme powers and it can take over in any second. Water has no fear, it can stay still and wait until the time is right to act, knowing its boundaries and knowing that it has no limits. Water is transparent. Sometimes it's liquid, sometimes it takes a form of an ancient iceberg. When in an extreme heat it evaporates. Water is always changing, adapting to the current situation. Water accepts! It never resists the change, but it won't back away when there is need for action. Water can take over if that's what it decides to do. In its non-resisting existence it holds the biggest power. 

Water is energy that is visible to us, it's constantly teaching how to live, how to be active, when to be active and when to wait. When we want to learn about power and resistance we should watch the water. It's neutral. It has no good or bad intentions. It's main purpose is to be here and give us life. Resistance begins with an open heart. With closed heart we block our possibilities to grow and to change. 

'We need to take action to develop compassion, to create inner peace within ourselves and to share that inner peace with our family and friends. Peace and warm-heartedness can then spread through the community just as ripples radiate out across the water when you drop a peddle into a pond.' - The Dalai Lama -

Photo by Jeremy Goldberg

keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017


We learn yoga on the mat. First we realise that it helps our body, then we notice how it also helps our mind. Eventually we get to understand the entire system of energy, how it flows, the directions it flows, and the connections it makes within our mind-body-energy field. Finally we learn to USE the energy so that we can consciusly create our own system. This is what's happening at the moment in our global existence! We are about to become conscious creators of our life. The downward spiral will be ongoing for a bit longer... but hold on! Prepare yourself to be ready when the time is up. This transformation time is important part of it all. It's a preparation time! So let's be prepared. Yoga is how we do it! But don't leave yoga on your mat. Learn from it!

This blog is about living your yoga. And these posts work as a continuation. In the first post we learned to get grounded, in the second one we understood the importance of acceptance. First you need to accept the situation you want to change. Then you use your intuition to FEEL what YOU want to do for that change, and then you do it! But before you do anything that involves others make sure you center yourself, and act with total respect toward those whose values are not yours. If you are mad at them and you use anger as your tool, you loose. If you disrespect their space, you loose. Only when you can honor them as they are, and confront them with grace and respect but being honest for your own truth, then you'll win. When acting with hate and disrespect you make wars. When acting with respect and grace you build up conversation. Conversation is the pathway to PEACE. Resist, but do it with respect! This is a new school radicalism! 

So, do I have to accept this crazy world?

I know, it sounds ridiculous to say that to change the world, first we need to accept it as it is. Who wants to do that? How do I accept violence between people? Or wars that are constantly going on? Or at the moment in the US the bringing down of health care system, and boosting up the other systems that are pleasing for the 1% who are already doing fine with their money and possessions? How do I accept the ongoing deportations in Finland of refugees from Afghanistan or Syria who are sent back home today to most likely to be killed? Or that there are people at this moment dying for hunger when there are others who put their money right now for online trading? Why can't they use the overflow of their money and buy food for those who need it? How can I accept the fear that is bestowed on us? The genocide that has been going on for centuries and is still not even close to its end? How can I accept the fact that the icebergs are melting rapidly, and those who could do something just ignore that it's happening at all? How do I accept these stupid actions of ignorant people? This all is making me MAD not ACCEPTANT!! 

But yet, I still think that the acceptance is the answer for change! Anger creates anger, hate creates hate, war is a building block for another war. Hate and anger hasn't been helping humanity. We have seen that and we still witness it every day. When you look at the World, the systems, the politics etc. around you and you don't like what you see, before you get angry and start hating it all and everybody, ask yourself how would it be better? What if the World was just, equal and fare for us all? How would it be to live in that world? When you do this and keep yourself away from that hateful and angry wave that really wants to take you and swirl around with you, you stop a negative energy and change it to life-giving positive building block of the Universe. With your thoughts you begin the change. And then ask yourself: What CAN I DO for CHANGE ? And then do it!! That is our job here. To keep this planet safe! There are no other more important jobs! That's it!

Let's kick the shoes off and wake up!

It's summer, so let's kick our shoes off and walk with bare feet. That is the easiest and quickest way to get back down to earth. We live busy times on this planet. It's important to FEEL were we walk. The steps we take are important, not only the ones we take with our feet but also the ones we take with our mind! Many of us have been asleep for decades. These current times are here to wake us up, to get us back down on our feet, so that we can begin to take those steps forward. Our planet needs US. We are here to keep this planet safe, and in good health for centuries to come. THIS is the time! So let's all WAKE UP, let's get GROUNDED and start to do our job (what ever feels right to you)! Let's begin to work toward the world that is justified, safe, and equal for us all no matter our background, size of a wallet, sexual preferences, color, race or genre. WAKE UP, TOUCH THE EARTH, AND TAKE YOUR STEP! Today walk with bare feet for acceptance! Acceptance is the first step toward real change! This is a true yoga. Yoga is action that flows through your being. Don't leave yoga on the mat, keep it with you all times. LIVE YOUR YOGA!