tiistai 25. heinäkuuta 2017

The Mother Earth Is Our True Leader

We have only one master, one leader, and one power. It's called the Earth. And we're her servants. She provides us with our life and in return we take care of her giving her TIME to continue her mission. But we also have FREE WILL, which can easily sidetrack us from our responsibility. Lately, the past thousands of years, we have forgotten who we really are.

'The Indian knew how to live without wants, to suffer without complaint, and to die singing.' French diplomat, political scientist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville made his one-year journey through America when the country was still relatively new in 1831-1832. He talks about the Native Americans in a way that is far from the stories of those early Westerns we grew up watching. Native Americans knew how to live, how to USE their free will to serve the only master we have, the Earth.

George Orwell gave us a vision in 1949 what the world would be one day. He was little off with his prediction. The year 1984 was just a single note flying in the air alone before the concert really began. That year Apple came up with a powerful TV-commercial using Orwell's vision of the future when advertising Apple Macintosh Personal Computer in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile the computer came with 'a widget that happens to be a high-tech surveillance device,' as Chicago attorney William Coulson puts it.

Orwell was right, the year 1984 was not a mistake, it speeded up the motion of the world to be as we now live it. Every year we celebrate new devices and line up to get them first, we're happy to have more and better things than others have, we need to WANT more new things every day. And when we SUFFER we almost die, because we can't take the pressure. So we medicate ourselves to live another day hopefully without pain. Our concept of life is not deep enough for understanding suffering. We're like trees with our ROOTS cut off. We don't even remember that we used to have them. We have no concept of tribe. We're lost in the heaven of devices, games, and other people's stories, but we all have our own stories deep and powerful. Let's not forget them!

Telescreen, thoughtcrime, thinkpol. They can be our reality if we let it, it's already happening.

All we have to do is to breath deeply and remember that all this what we see and live now happens on the surface. Underlying truth is very simple but well hidden. The truth is to LOVE one another, to LOVE the Earth, to take care of yourself, others and our planet. Our roots are the truth, our connection to the tribe is our truth, we all come from that same place, and we all are ONE in truth. Remember who you are! Then when you die you can die SINGING!

Photo by Veeterzy

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