keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017


We learn yoga on the mat. First we realise that it helps our body, then we notice how it also helps our mind. Eventually we get to understand the entire system of energy, how it flows, the directions it flows, and the connections it makes within our mind-body-energy field. Finally we learn to USE the energy so that we can consciusly create our own system. This is what's happening at the moment in our global existence! We are about to become conscious creators of our life. The downward spiral will be ongoing for a bit longer... but hold on! Prepare yourself to be ready when the time is up. This transformation time is important part of it all. It's a preparation time! So let's be prepared. Yoga is how we do it! But don't leave yoga on your mat. Learn from it!

This blog is about living your yoga. And these posts work as a continuation. In the first post we learned to get grounded, in the second one we understood the importance of acceptance. First you need to accept the situation you want to change. Then you use your intuition to FEEL what YOU want to do for that change, and then you do it! But before you do anything that involves others make sure you center yourself, and act with total respect toward those whose values are not yours. If you are mad at them and you use anger as your tool, you loose. If you disrespect their space, you loose. Only when you can honor them as they are, and confront them with grace and respect but being honest for your own truth, then you'll win. When acting with hate and disrespect you make wars. When acting with respect and grace you build up conversation. Conversation is the pathway to PEACE. Resist, but do it with respect! This is a new school radicalism! 

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