keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017

Let's kick the shoes off and wake up!

It's summer, so let's kick our shoes off and walk with bare feet. That is the easiest and quickest way to get back down to earth. We live busy times on this planet. It's important to FEEL were we walk. The steps we take are important, not only the ones we take with our feet but also the ones we take with our mind! Many of us have been asleep for decades. These current times are here to wake us up, to get us back down on our feet, so that we can begin to take those steps forward. Our planet needs US. We are here to keep this planet safe, and in good health for centuries to come. THIS is the time! So let's all WAKE UP, let's get GROUNDED and start to do our job (what ever feels right to you)! Let's begin to work toward the world that is justified, safe, and equal for us all no matter our background, size of a wallet, sexual preferences, color, race or genre. WAKE UP, TOUCH THE EARTH, AND TAKE YOUR STEP! Today walk with bare feet for acceptance! Acceptance is the first step toward real change! This is a true yoga. Yoga is action that flows through your being. Don't leave yoga on the mat, keep it with you all times. LIVE YOUR YOGA!

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