keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017

So, do I have to accept this crazy world?

I know, it sounds ridiculous to say that to change the world, first we need to accept it as it is. Who wants to do that? How do I accept violence between people? Or wars that are constantly going on? Or at the moment in the US the bringing down of health care system, and boosting up the other systems that are pleasing for the 1% who are already doing fine with their money and possessions? How do I accept the ongoing deportations in Finland of refugees from Afghanistan or Syria who are sent back home today to most likely to be killed? Or that there are people at this moment dying for hunger when there are others who put their money right now for online trading? Why can't they use the overflow of their money and buy food for those who need it? How can I accept the fear that is bestowed on us? The genocide that has been going on for centuries and is still not even close to its end? How can I accept the fact that the icebergs are melting rapidly, and those who could do something just ignore that it's happening at all? How do I accept these stupid actions of ignorant people? This all is making me MAD not ACCEPTANT!! 

But yet, I still think that the acceptance is the answer for change! Anger creates anger, hate creates hate, war is a building block for another war. Hate and anger hasn't been helping humanity. We have seen that and we still witness it every day. When you look at the World, the systems, the politics etc. around you and you don't like what you see, before you get angry and start hating it all and everybody, ask yourself how would it be better? What if the World was just, equal and fare for us all? How would it be to live in that world? When you do this and keep yourself away from that hateful and angry wave that really wants to take you and swirl around with you, you stop a negative energy and change it to life-giving positive building block of the Universe. With your thoughts you begin the change. And then ask yourself: What CAN I DO for CHANGE ? And then do it!! That is our job here. To keep this planet safe! There are no other more important jobs! That's it!

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