sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

The Three Main Powers

There are three main powers that affect us in the World. We, the human beings are the guardians of these powers. We have an ability to hold them or destroy them as we wish. That is a huge responsibility. These powers are energy that we feed with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings consciously or unconsciously. Earth holds two of these powers: GNOMES and LIZARDS. We know them from the children's stories but instead of thinking them as they've been pictured in books, allow yourself to imagine them as energy. The first one is life-giving and the second one is life-taking. Third power is the power of LIGHT, usually seen as angels and light beings. Light is from the above.

At the moment Gnomes are trying to survive, they're trying very hard to save our planet for us and generations to come. But they're struggling! Lizards instead are having a feast with us. Light beings are waiting for us to wake up so that we're ready to invite them to do their job. It's not happening before our hearts are ready and open for them to deliver.

All these main energies feed from OUR energy! When I'm feeling angry, hateful, revengeful and selfish, I'm shovelling breakfast, lunch and dinner to an already well-fed jaws to an army of lizards. But when I feel good, happy, joyful and in love, I'm feeding very hungry gnomes. When my heart is open, and I'm accepting, respectful and ready to listen, there is a subtle change in energy that then happens inside of my being. All the channels from the center of the Earth opens and connects through me to the powers of Light. It is a marriage of Earth and Heavens and it happens in the heart of us.

This is an awakening, connection and deeper purpose that we're striving for. This is YIN - YANG and it happens in the heart of humanity. So, it's our responsibility to honour those hungry gnomes with love, happiness and gratefulness. They can see the true light only through us. Lizards won't survive in that light.

Who do you feed with your thoughts, words, actions and FEELINGS?

(Thank you Susan Hedman for an inspiration to this writing.)

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel.

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