torstai 10. elokuuta 2017

We ARE the information!

It's true that our cells renew themselves constantly. They feed from the information we send to them. Many spiritual teachers share the same teachings. They all tell us that eventually we become images of our thoughts, words, actions and the most powerfully of our feelings. If my most prominent thought is about love, kindness, light and peace I can soon see myself as loving, kind, enlightened and peaceful person. Others will see the same in me. And of course it works same the opposite. If I'm often mad, angry, jealous and hatred, that is how my face, my body and my actions will soon look like. And others will most likely avoid me, because I'm not fun to be around.

But what if we all ARE that information? If we look at the larger picture and imagine that each one of us is bringing something to this World and the base of all of us is LIGHT. But as it happens when we are born we forget this information we're bringing here and eventually we'll get lost. But the information never goes away, we carry it within. When we are lost, we need to find the connection again. This connection helps us to remember. And when we remember we feel relief. The connection is the gateway to remember and eventually deliver the information to it's destination. And that is our job.

The information within us will recreate this World every moment. The cells of the World are renewed as fast as the information travels through it. We, the people, are the guardians of the World. It's our job to keep it alive. What if we'd shine the light, that is our base, throughout the Worldly system so that the cells of the World will start looking like us? This is what is happening already we just don't pay attention to it. If you know your mission, the information YOU bring to the world, it makes you feel good, it helps others to feel good, and it helps our World to stay beautiful, then you are in connection to who you really are. You're doing your part in the whole.

It's part of the plan to forget everything on birth. In the end this World is our school, our University and education. We come here to be educated, to loose the connection and to find it again. Nobody sends us here but ourselves. We're here together. We're creating and renewing the World with every thought, word, action, but most of all with how we FEEL! Keep your responsibility in mind. Feel good! The World will follow! All humanity will follow!

Photo by Oliver Pacas.

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