sunnuntai 21. kesäkuuta 2015


During our life we change and reborn many times. The roots are there, but do we really ever set them down to one place? That is what makes us different from trees. We never settle. That is our freedom. There are manmade borders to fence us inside or outside, but they're nothing but decisions made by people. They don't exist in real life. We believe in borders, we don't question them. These borders keep us away from being free.

I'm writing this in New York, actually in Long Island. It was exactly 20 years ago when I first set my feet on the sand of this country, inside the American borders. I still remember how it felt to drive with a yellow cab from JFK to Manhattan, to see the skyline first time, so familiar from movies and TV. I remember how it felt to keep a styrofoam coffee cup in my hands, bought from a corner-deli, and imagine making a hole in it and letting the coffee run free. Now when I watch old Friends episodes I realise how much everything has changed in twenty years. Taxi cabs are still yellow, but so different. Nothing stays the same. Every moment is a new beginning.

I'm starting this blog because there is an era that is now ending in my life, and a new one is just about to begin. I'm moving forward, leaving this house behind for good, it was never my house, but I lived here during past 15 years for shorter and longer terms, in a way it has been my safe-house in America. Nothing in life is for us to own, they're here for us to borrow and give back with respect. Connection is the reason for our life. To be connected to the Earth, to a land underneath our feet. And to be connected to one another with respect. That's why we are here.

It's Summer Solstice today! Let's swim in Light! In Peace!

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